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Fine Tuning My Art Skills

Personal projects is how I go about fine tuning my photography skills. I was always told as an artist, to always pursue the subjects that interest me. Doing so I will be able to create the things I love. Although I’m talented enough to do normal photography. I found that normal subject matter didn’t really interest me. So instead of following the crowd, I decided to do something different.

There is really nothing special with the type of gear or equipment that I use for my shoots. I started off with an Olympus E410. A couple of years later, I upgraded to the Olympus E3. Ultimately, I finally transitioned to the Canon family. I’m currently using a Canon 50D.

With just this limited gear, here are the types of personal project shoots I’ve done over the years.

My specialization

I am more of an art photographer, I shoot creative projects and themes that spark my interest. The subject matter is usually sexy, provocative and edgy. In order for me to shoot these types of subjects. I need talented and creative models whom are comfortable doing nude work.

If you are interested in working with me, feel free to reach out. I do not have a specific body type or experience level I will only work with. I can work with anyone.

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Age Restrictions

Due to the subject matter of my work, you must be 18+ years of age. Please bring a valid photo identification card to the shoot.


Due to the subject matter of my work, you must be 18+ years of age. Please bring a valid photo identification card to the shoot.


Experience is better. Modeling experience is not required. As long as you can take directions well. I can work with you.


COVID-19 has changed our way of life. But the show must go on! Although I do still work on projects. I limit the amount of people that attend shoots. Only those who have an active role in the shoot/project are allowed to attend. No exceptions!!!
Subtle Shades Photography Personal Project Timeline

15 March 2020


With COVID-19 Affecting our total way of life. I have resorted to growing my own models to photograph. Here is my current cloning process.

16 November 2019


Seen From Below

What happen when we start looking at life from a different perspective? We can see some amazing things.

8 Sep 2018


Our need to breath is apparent. if we do not take care of our environment. We may have to pay for this feature. Help me bring attention to this need.

17 May 2018

Star Wars Fan

11 November 2017


25 April 2017


What better way to put use household ingredients then to let a model play with it.

14 April 2017

Black Tape

21 January 2015

Body Paint

Sure, I can spend time making an intricate paint design. But then where is the fun in that. Let’s just toss it around and get it in between the cracks.

31 August 2014

Red and Flesh

5 August 2014

Zombie Love

3 May 2013

Framework Let’s just take an open entry way and shoot what we can. Guess how they turned out.